Lamberti Tower

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Basic info

Type of attraction


Italian name

Torre dei Lamberti


Via della Costa, 2, 37121 Verona

+39 045 9273027

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How to visit


Full Price: 6,00 €
Senior (60 and over): 4,50€
Students (14 to 30): 4,50€
Children (8 to 14): 4,50€
Verona Card (access by elevator): 1,00€
Children (under 8): Free

Reservations are recommended.

Free access
Opening times

Monday – Friday: 10 am – 6 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 11 am – 7 pm

Last Admission: 45 min before closing time.

Closing days

December 25


Via della Costa, 2, 37121 Verona

Public transports

From Catullo Verona Airport:
Bus 199
+ 4 min walk to Bus Terminal C2:
+ Bus 52 + 7 min walk

Bus 199
+ 4 min walk to Bus Terminal C1:
+ Bus 41 + 6 min walk

From Verona Porta Nuova Bus Station:
Terminal B3: Bus 21/24 + 6 min walk

Terminal C2: Bus 52 + 7 min walk

Tickets availability

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More details

  • The Tower: with its height of 84 meters, it boasts the title of the tallest building in Verona. Take your breath before climbing the 368 steps or go the easy way by elevator. Note: the transparency of the elevator allows visitors to appreciate the architectural features of the tower.
  • Viewpoint: experience an incredible panoramic view of the historic city center from the top of the tower.
  • Four Bells: Rengo (the bigger one), Marangona, Bell of the Hours and Rabbiosa.
  • Rengo Bell: Rengo derives from “arengo” (assembly). It was used to summon the City Council and signal the people to prepare for battle.
  • Marangona Bell: Marangona derives from “marangon” (carpenter). It marked the start or end of working hours.
  • Bell Chamber: with its elegant octogonal shape and gridded stone windows in gothic style.

1172 – The Lamberti Tower is built by the Lamberti family. It is one of the surviving towers of the Ragione Palace.

1295 – The two bells (Rengo and Marangona) are installed.

1403 – A lightning strike causes damage to the top of the tower.

1448-63 – Reconstruction and restoration works are carried out. The building grows taller, reaching its current height of 84 meters. The bell chamber is added.

1779 – Two smaller bells are crafted by the foundryman Giuseppe Ruffini: Bell of the Hours and Rabbiosa.

1798 – A large clock is placed. A commission from Count Giovanni Sagramoso.

1972 – The Tower is accessible to the public.

Tickets availability

the surroundings

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  • Church of Saint Fermo (550 m)
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