Alter Stud Farm Daytrip

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Why this daytrip?

Learn about the Lusitanian horse. Discover the rich history of the Lusitanian horse breed at the Alter Stud Farm, which has been dedicated to breeding these magnificent horses for over 300 years. Renowned for their beauty and elegance, the Lusitanian horses are native to Portugal.

Get up close to the horses. The Alter Stud Farm offers guided tours of their stables, allowing you to observe the horses in proximity. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the farm’s breeding program and its fascinating history.

Take a horse ride. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, the Alter Stud Farm provides riding lessons and workshops. These sessions, conducted by skilled trainers, offer a unique chance to improve your equestrian skills or enjoy your first horse riding experience while interacting with the graceful Lusitano horses.

Experience the Portuguese countryside. Located in the picturesque Alentejo region of Portugal, the Alter Stud Farm is surrounded by rolling hills, cork oak forests, and olive groves.

A destination for the whole family. The Alter Stud Farm caters to visitors of all ages, offering a delightful day surrounded by horses, educational activities, and an authentic rural lifestyle experience. It presents an excellent opportunity for children to learn about animals and appreciate the wonders of nature.

Stay at Vila Galé Hotel. Immerse yourself in the equestrian atmosphere by choosing to stay at the Vila Galé Alter Real, conveniently integrated into the stud farm itself. You’ll have the unique privilege of sleeping just steps away from the horses, allowing for a truly immersive experience.

Stud Farm history timeline

1748: King D. João V establishes the Alter Stud Farm.

1757: The Azambuja foal is established as a complementary structure to the Alter Stud Farm.

1770-1800: The Picaria Real reaches its pinnacle of grandeur.

1787: Queen D. Maria I initiates the construction of a new arena for the Picaria Real.

1793: The new arena, built in Neoclassical style, is inaugurated.

1842-1910: The Alter Stud Farm faces a challenging period.

1876: The Alter Real breeders are reintroduced.

1911: The Alter Stud Farm is transferred to the Ministry of War.

1939: The Ministry of War’s horse-breeding services are discontinued.

1942: The Alter Stud Farm is reestablished under the Directorate General of Livestock Services.

1980: A dedicated effort to specialize the Alta Escola techniques of the Alter Real Horse begins.

1979: The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art is established.

1996: The launch of the Integrated Development Program, which continues until 2006.

2007: The Alter Stud Farm becomes part of the Alter Real Foundation.

2013: Companhia das Lezírias, SA assumes management of the Alter Stud Farm.

Prices & Opening Times


Guided visits
(90 min Stud Farm + 45 min Falconry)

Adult (13 – 65 yrs old): €17
Under 12 yrs: €12
Overs 65: €12
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children): €48

Equestrian Tourism (prices per person)
Driving baptism for two (5 min): €23
Riding baptism 1 pax (5 – 7 min): €18
Riding baptism 2 pax (5 – 7 min): €14,50
Riding baptism +2 pax (5 – 7 min): €9
Vaulting class (25 minutes): €41
Riding class (30 minutes): €52
Country horseback riding:
30 min – €69| 36 min – €92

Opening times

Individual visits
1st Visit 10:30h
2nd Visit 15:00h

Group visits
At any time, by appointment, depending on the availability of the Stud Farm

Closed on…
1st January, 24th December and 25th December

Hotel Prices

Standard Room
From €90 (low season) or €120 (high season)

From €130 (low season) or €200 (high season)

You can book a room here

How to drive there

  • Head east on the A2 highway towards the south of Portugal.
  • Continue on the A2 until you reach the exit for the A6 highway towards Évora.
  • Take the A6 highway and continue driving towards Évora.
  • As you approach Évora, take the exit 4 toward N4 (signs for  Montemor-Arraiolos).
  • Merge onto the N4 (signs for Estremoz/Arraiolos).
  • Follow the N114 road until you reach the town of Alter do Chão.
  • Once in Alter do Chão, follow the signs to the Alter Stud Farm.

Eat & Drink nearby

‘Inevitável’ Restaurant

Vila Galé Hotel
Integrated on the Stud Farm

12.30pm to 3 pm (daily)
7.30 pm to 10 pm (sunday to thrusday)
7.30 pm to 10.30 pm (friday and saturday)

Segredo D’Alecrim

Largo Mal. Carmona 21, Fronteira
Phone: +351 245609132

12.30pm to 2.30 pm (tuesday to sunday)
8 pm to 10.30 pm (tuesday to saturday)

Traditional regional cuisine

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Frequently Asked Questions

about the Alter Stud Farm

The Alter Stud Farm is a horse breeding farm located in Alter do Chão, Portugal.

It was established in the mid-18th century by King João V of Portugal and has become one of the world’s most prestigious breeding farms.

The farm houses over 200 Lusitanian horses and produces exceptional horses.

The breeding goals of the Alter Stud Farm are to produce high-quality Lusitanian horses with exceptional physical attributes and performance abilities.

The farm’s horses are renowned for their beauty, strength, and intelligence, making them suitable for various disciplines such as dressage, show jumping, and endurance riding.

The Alter Stud Farm is home to many renowned horses, including Rubi AR, Guizo AR, Zingaro de lyw, Beirão, and Gentil.

You can visit the Alter Stud Farm through two available guided tours at 10:30 AM and 3:00 PM (Tuesday to Sunday).

The tour includes visits to various spaces such as the reception, D. João VI Courtyard (Alter Real Stable), falconry, and the arrival or departure area for the Mares herd.

Visits at other times can be scheduled for groups.

The guided tour costs €17 per adult (ages 13 to 65). The horse baptism experience (5-7 minutes) costs €18 for one adult or €29 for two people.

Find all the information on our Snapshot section under “Prices & Opening Times”

During the guided visit to the Alter Stud Farm, you can observe numerous Lusitanian thoroughbred horses and other horse breeds.

You’ll also learn about the farm’s history and the breeding of Lusitanian horses. Additionally, you can visit the falconry.

The farm offers horse riding, horse trips, and horse-drawn carriage rides upon reservation.

The Alter Stud Farm is situated in the Alter do Chão district, within the Alentejo region of Portugal. It is about a two-hour drive from Lisbon

The best way to reach the Alter Stud Farm is by car. You can rent a car here or schedule a trip through a taxi service.

There is a 4-star hotel from the Vila Galé chain located in the facilities of the Stud Farm that are no longer in use.

You can book a room here

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