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Stunning natural beauty.
Arrábida Natural Park is a special place in Portugal that has amazing natural beauty. It has rocky shores, green forests, and clear waters. You can walk on trails and go to viewpoints to see stunning views of the park.

Relaxing beaches.
Arrábida has some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. The beaches have clear water, soft sand, and a calm atmosphere. There are different kinds of beaches for everyone from secluded coves (like Ribeira do Cavalo beach) to picturesque bays (such as Portinho da Arrábida).

Rich history and culture.
Arrábida is also a region with a rich history and culture. There are many historical sites and villages to explore, such as the Moorish castle in Sesimbra, the Roman ruins of Creiro and and the Arrábida Convent which is completely inserted in the natural park overlooking the sea.

Delicious food and wine.
Arrábida is also home to some of the best food and wine in Portugal. The region is known for its fresh seafood, olive oil, and wine. There are many restaurants and wineries to visit, where you can sample the local products.


Car Itinerary Sugestion

8:00 AM: Departure from Lisbon
Start your day early to make the most of your time. Depart from Lisbon and head south towards Setúbal, the gateway to Arrábida Natural Park. The journey takes approximately one hour by car.
Start the drive on the N10-4 road and then drive through Rua Orlando Curto. This road will take you to several beaches of the arrábida park (Figueirinha beach , Galápos beach, Galapinhos beach, Creiro beach and Portinho da Arrábida beach)
follow the scenic N379-1 road. Enjoy the stunning views

9:30 AM: Arrive at Portinho da Arrábida
Your first stop is Portinho da Arrábida, a small and picturesque fishing village nestled between the hills and the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Take a leisurely stroll along the beach, breathe in the fresh sea air, and enjoy the tranquility of this charming place.

10:30 AM: Visit the Convento da Arrábida
Next, drive up the winding roads to the Convento da Arrábida (in the scenic N379-1 road) , a 16th-century monastery perched on a hilltop with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Explore the monastery’s interior, admire the religious art, and take in the breathtaking vistas from the observation points.

Visits on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays
Reservation is mandatory and starting hours vary so you may have to adjust the itinerary

Admission: €5 (free up to 6 years)

(+351) 212 197 620
(+351) 212 197 628
(+351) 924 435 038

GPS coordinates
38º 28″ 27.34N | 8º 59″ 45.05W

Drive through the scenic N379-1 road heading Azeitão

1:00 PM: Lunch in Azeitão
Head to the nearby town of Azeitão for a delightful lunch. This charming village is famous for its traditional Portuguese cuisine and local delicacies. Try the regional cheeses, like Queijo de Azeitão, accompanied by a glass of the famous Moscatel wine. Several restaurants in the area offer authentic dining experiences.

3:00 PM: Setúbal City Exploration
After lunch, drive to the city of Setúbal, located on the northern border of the park. Explore the historic center, stroll along the Avenida Luísa Todi promenade with its beautiful views of the Sado Estuary, and visit the Setúbal Municipal Museum to learn about the region’s history and culture.

4:30 PM: Dolphin Watching or Boat Tour
Take advantage of Setúbal’s proximity to the Sado Estuary and join a dolphin-watching excursion or a boat tour. The estuary is home to a resident population of bottlenose dolphins, and seeing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat is an unforgettable experience.

6:00 PM: Return to Lisbon
As the day comes to an end, begin your journey back to Lisbon. Reflect on the memorable experiences you had in Arrábida Natural Park and enjoy the scenic drive back to the city.

Optional Sunset Viewpoints
If your time permits, head to a scenic viewpoint on your way back to Lisbon to witness a breathtaking sunset over the Arrábida hills and the Atlantic Ocean. Some popular viewpoints include Portinho da Arrábida, Creiro Beach, or the Miradouro do Outão.

Suggested organized tours

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Frequently Asked Questions

about Arrábida Natural Park

Arrábida Natural Park is located in Portugal, about 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of Lisbon.

It is situated along the coastline of the Setúbal Peninsula.

There are a few ways to get to Arrábida Natural Park from Lisbon. You can either drive your own car or rent one to reach the park.

Alternatively book a tour that includes transportation from Lisbon.

You can book our suggested tour here.

The drive from Lisbon to Arrábida Natural Park takes about an hour, depending on traffic.

The best time to visit Arrábida Natural Park is during the spring (April-June) or fall (September-October) when the weather is mild and there are fewer tourists.

Absolutely! Arrábida Natural Park offers several hiking trails suitable for different physical fitness.

These trails allow you to explore the park’s diverse landscapes, and discover its flora and fauna.

Some of the best hiking trails in Arrábida Natural Park include:

You can get the official Arrábida walking trails leaflet here (pdf in Portuguese with information and coordinates)

Yes, you can swim and sunbathe at the beaches in Arrábida Natural Park. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that certain beaches may have restricted facilities so it’s advisable to come prepared with your own provisions.

Some of the best beaches in Arrábida Natural Park include:

  • Portinho da Arrábida beach
  • Figueirinha beach
  • Galapos beach
  • Galapinhos beach
  • Penedos beach
  • Coelhos beach
  • Creiro beach
  • Sesimbra beach

No, there are no entrance fees to visit Arrábida Natural Park. The park is open to the public and free to access.

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